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$109.24 $112.99

Brioni jacket in heathered jersey-knit.Notched collar; two-p front.Four-p cuffs.Chest welt

$98.34 $118.93

Brioni jacket in soft silk-blend.Notched collar; two-p front.Basted cuffs.Front patch pock

$95.41 $125.98

Brioni jacket in solid twill.Notched collar; two-p front.Four-p cuffs.Flap pockets at hips

$87.42 $128.80

Brioni blazer in wool.Notched collar; two-p front.Basted sleeves.Front flap pocket; chest

$87.02 $112.99

Brioni jacket in two-tone check.Notched collar; two-p front.Basted sleeves.Front flap pock

$120.82 $139.91

Brioni jacket in two-tone plaid.Notched collar; two-p front.Unfinished sleeves.Front flap

$86.56 $113.98

Canali "Kei" sport coat in Glen plaid exemplifies Sprezzatura and offers the performance o

$88.15 $107.95

EXCLUSIVELY AT NEIMAN MARCUS Canali "Kei" lightweight, deconstructed sport jacket in

$115.75 $124.94

Canali sport coat in windowpane features the performance of wool, the softness of brushed

$105.88 $108.86

Lightweight chest canvas and shoulder pad give the Canali "Kei" sport coat a natural fit a

$91.39 $119.88

Canali jacket in tonal check.Notched lapels; two-p front.Basted sleeves.Front flap pockets

$112.61 $123.87

Canali jacket in timeless, easy, versatile design.Notch lapel; two-p front.Basted sleeves.

$107.74 $121.84

Canali jacket in performance hopsack.Notched lapel; two-p front.Side flap pockets; chest w

$117.45 $121.80

Ermenegildo Zegna sport jacket woven in plaid.Notched lapel; two-p front.Basted sleeves.Ch

$97.52 $134.98

Ermenegildo Zegna jacket in solid-knit.Notched collar; two-p front.Finished sleeves.Welt p

$83.79 $131.89

EXCLUSIVELY AT NEIMAN MARCUS Ermenegildo Zegna wool sport coat in check design.Notch

$97.83 $133.84

Ermenegildo Zegna heathered blazer.Notched lapel; two-p front.Chest welt pocket; side flap

$86.47 $124.00

Ermenegildo Zegna jacket in micro-check.Notched collar; two mother-of-pearl p front.Basted

$113.44 $110.88

Ermenegildo Zegna sport coat with berry and plaid design.Notched lapel; two-p front.Side f

$119.69 $105.87

EXCLUSIVELY AT NEIMAN MARCUS Ermenegildo Zegna wool blazer woven in plaid.Notched la

$82.25 $138.89

EXCLUSIVELY AT NEIMAN MARCUS Ermenegildo Zegna blazer in two-tone textured weave.Not

$115.70 $120.86

Woven blazer in tonal large-scale plaid, by Ermenegildo Zegna.Peak lapel; two-p front.Che

$95.22 $134.97

EXCLUSIVELY AT NEIMAN MARCUS Ermenegildo Zegna blazer woven in check.Notched lapel;

$117.40 $128.91

Ermenegildo Zegna jacket in solid seersucker.Notched lapel; two-p front.Four-p detail at c

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